Product design for Philppinen





Candle Climber

© 2012 matame


Gradually the climbers will be covered from the melting wax. They will never reach the candle light.

The material for the climbers can be made from metall, that can be placed in any position and removed for reuse.







06 philippinen kl


URBAN candle

© 2012 Alice Blue Candle


This candle was produced by Alice Blue Candle for the Manila Fame Show in 2012.

The concept behind the product was to create an urban skyline by using a descending candle light shining throught the holes, which represent the windows and thereby depicting an illuminated skyscraper.






07 philippinen kl


VENEER lamp and vase

© 2012 matame


To emphasize the natural Filipino material in nonconventional way, the reversal of inside and outside material was applied here.

This way makes the observer take a closer look.







08 philippinen kl



© 2010 Cebu Natura


The purpose of the Design was to create a minimalistic furniture piece, which is based on the colonial style and Thonets classic bentwood design. The layout table top and the shelf are covered by a Filipino woven material. The structure of the corner table allows to forego the neccessity of a third table leg, as the walls provide the stability.






09 philippinen kl



BOUBLE table

© 2010 Cebu Natura


Inspired by the Mulberry, the bouble table brings a piece of nature into the livingroom.

Through the glas tabletop, which lays on dainty assebled woodrings, light falls like through a tree crown on the floor and on the three leg trunk. This cocktail table was produced by Cebu Natura in 2011.


10 philippinen kl



PAC bag

© 2012 S.C. Vizcarra

The modernised shopping basket in Pac-Man Design garantees confidently stylish shopping. This basket was handcrafted produced by S.C. Vizcarra in 2012 for the Helsinki Design Week in the Philippines.




11 philippinen kl




© 2009 Hacienda Crafts


This bowl was handcrafted produced by a filipino based comany Hacienda Crafts out of an already exhisting collection with the natural material, Buri. The focus of this company lies in creating and producing manually made Home Accessories out of naturally and recyclable raw resources from the Philippines.



12 philippinen kla


PLATE lampe

© 2009 Hacienda Crafts


This design concept for Hacienda Craft presents in combination of cutted enamel plates a hanging lamp. As well as a floor lamp it can be applied to a creative lighting element in vintage touch. The edge of the plates are building an open downside ball, which gives a nice reflection through its structure.


 13 philippinen kl




© 2010 matame


This simple japtab could be the perfect meeting place for social gathering. Therefor the inspiration came from a traditional Washitsu-Table. It is a modernised variation of japaneese and european influence. According to requirements the japtab can be used as a dining or cocktail table with or without this proper bench.


14 philippinen kl



Minda seat

© 2010 matame


This furniture set consists of simple single elements, which are ornated with traditional Filipino patterns from Mindanao. In order to resurrect the value of handcrafts, old and new is combined.




15 philippinen kl